Why Does My HP Say No Battery Detected?

How do I fix my HP battery?

Here are the steps you’ll take when replacing your computer’s battery:Purchase a new HP laptop battery.Create a battery report in Windows.Disconnect your laptop from a power source.Remove the back panel of your laptop with a screwdriver.Remove your old battery.Connect your new battery to the body of your laptop.More items…•.

How do I remove consider replacing my battery?

Fix “Consider Replacing Your Battery” Problem in Windows 7, Windows 8. Click the battery icon in the lower right corner of your Windows laptop and click ‘More power options’. You will now see different plans on your laptop. Click ‘Change plan settings’.

What is the meaning of no battery detected?

If you get the ‘No battery is detected’ alert on your computer, there may be a problem with the chipset board, so you may have to check and install the latest available BIOS update and chipset drivers for your device. Note: When you’re updating the BIOS, ensure the battery is present and your AC adapter is plugged in.

How do I fix my HP Battery Alert?

To resolve a Battery Alert message, you should perform the Battery Test in the System Diagnostics (F2) environment, and then calibrate the battery for best performance. To access the HP System Diagnostics Battery Test, turn on the computer and immediately press the esc key to display the Startup Menu.

Will a laptop work without a battery?

You can Use a Laptop without the Battery There is no reason why a laptop wouldn’t work just fine without the battery in it, as long as you take a few aspects into account. … Another important thing is never to remove the power cord from the laptop when the laptop is working, as that could cause damage to its components.

Why isn’t my battery charging on my HP laptop?

Before troubleshooting the notebook battery, make sure the power supply is functioning properly. … Unplug the AC power cable from the notebook, then remove the notebook battery. Plug the AC power cable back into the notebook and turn it on. If the notebook powers on, the problem is with the battery.

Why is my laptop not detecting the battery?

If your laptop thinks there’s no battery present, perform a full shutdown, unplug all cables and power sources, physically remove the battery, press the power button for at least 15 seconds, place the battery back in, reconnect the charging cable, and then power on your laptop as per usual.

How do I fix 255 plugged in?

The issue could be something mild like an incorrect driver or firmware. Go to your manufacturer’s website and update the power controller driver (if available) and also all the other drivers like chipset, etc. Finally, update the BIOS and restart the system. Check now.

Why does my HP computer say no battery detected?

As you mentioned the battery is not getting detected on your laptop. Try updating the BIOS and chipset driver on your PC using HP support assistant. … To reset the BIOS defaults, follow the steps below. Press the power button to turn on the notebook and repeatedly press f10 to enter the BIOS setup.

How do I reset my HP laptop battery?

With the battery and power cord unplugged, press and hold the Power button for about 15 seconds to drain any residual electrical charge from the capacitors. Insert the battery and plug the AC adapter back into the laptop, but do not connect any of the peripheral devices. Press the Power button to turn on the computer.

How can I tell if my laptop battery needs to be replaced?

Once your battery reaches a low enough capacity, Windows will warn you that your battery needs to be replaced. A red “X” will appear over the battery icon. If you click the icon to display more info, you will likely see a message that reads “plugged in, not charging. Consider replacing your battery.”

How do I reset my laptop battery?

If your laptop requires an attached battery to boot, simply hold the power button down for 30 seconds. Reconnect the battery, then allow it to charge for one hour without powering on the laptop. After this hour, your battery should be reset – and upon booting your laptop, you should get a more accurate battery reading.

What to do if laptop battery is not working?

If your laptop comes with a removable battery, follow these steps:Remove any bolts or screws and take out the battery.Hold the power button down for 10-15 seconds.Plug the charger in.Power the PC on.Right-click the Start menu to open the Quick Access menu and select Device Manager.More items…•

Why is my laptop battery always at 0?

Windows 10 sometimes shows battery is at 0% but your battery actually maybe charging. Try disconnecting the main power and run the laptop. If your laptop is unable to run off battery then try turning off your laptop and let it charge for an hour or so. … If the charger is a problem, your battery won’t get charged.