What Went Wrong With Vodafone Idea Merger?

What happened to Idea and Vodafone?

On 31 August 2018, Vodafone India merged with Idea Cellular, to form a new entity named Vodafone Idea Limited.

Vodafone currently holds a 45.1% stake in the combined entity and Aditya Birla Group holds a 26% stake.

Kumar Mangalam Birla heads the merged company as the Chairman..

What is the future of IDEA Vodafone?

The average revenue generated per user has almost halved from around Rs 205 per month per user five years ago, while operating expenses have increased due to the addition of the 4G network, on top of 2G and 3G. For the year ended March 2020, Vodafone Idea generated revenue of Rs 45,997 cr.

Will Vodafone India survive?

Oza believes Vodafone will survive. “It is unlikely that the company will go bust, as it is in the interest of the government to continue with three players in the market, considering the huge amount of dues Vodafone Idea owes to it in adjusted gross revenue (AGR) dues and in spectrum charges,” he said.

Should I buy RIL now?

Investors are advised to buy RIL shares with a final stop loss at Rs 1,750 apiece. “For medium-term investors it would be an opportunity to accumulate between 1850 and 1650 as the risk-reward ratio to fair price consensus price target (2300/2400) is quite decent,” Shrikant Chouhan added.

Who bought out Vodafone?

The merged company will be 49.9 per cent owned by TPG Telecom’s shareholders, and 50.1 per cent owned by Vodafone Hutchison Australia’s shareholders. TPG founder, chief executive and chairman David Teoh will be the merged company’s single biggest individual shareholder, with a 17.12 per cent stake in the business.

Who will take over Vodafone idea?

Aditya Birla GroupVodafone and the Aditya Birla Group will have a joint control of this combined company. Once you combine the Vodafone and idea customers, the merged entity could be the biggest telecom company in India. It would have nearly 40 crore customers, 35% customer market share and 41% revenue market share.

What is the future of idea?

Analyst Future Growth Forecasts Earnings vs Market: IDEA is forecast to remain unprofitable over the next 3 years. High Growth Earnings: IDEA is forecast to remain unprofitable over the next 3 years. Revenue vs Market: IDEA’s revenue (9.7% per year) is forecast to grow slower than the Indian market (11.8% per year).

Why did Vodafone merge with Idea?

The two companies decided to merge their business after the sector witnessed a huge tariff war and reduction in margins with entry of new telecom operator Reliance Jio. “We have raised the demand from them. They (Vodafone executives) met me and said they will remain strong investor in India,” Sundararajan said.

Was the Vodafone idea Merger good?

Improved infrastructure to provide superior service The biggest impact of this merger will arguably be seen in the improvement of telecom infrastructure that currently exists in the country. Since the entry of Reliance Jio back in 2016, the telecom sector has improved greatly in terms of connectivity.

Will Vodafone idea recover?

For its survival, essential to avoid a duopoly in the Indian telecom sector, the telco may announce new tariff plans in the coming days. … Ending a year-long tariff war, Vodafone Idea is finally back on a path to recovery, with plans to reclaim its lost customers and bolster finances.

Is Vodafone in financial trouble?

Vodafone has revealed a mammoth £6.6bn annual loss and has cut shareholder dividends for the first time. The mobile phone giant slashed its payout by 40 per cent, dealing a blow to millions of investors, as it sought to reduce its mountain of debt.

Which Sim is best idea or Vodafone?

Vodafone and Idea had an edge over their rivals in the average upload speed of their users. Both clocked speeds that were more than 23% faster than Airtel, 42% faster than Jio, and more than four times faster than BSNL.

Is Vodafone idea a penny stock?

How has Vodafone Idea managed to survive this purge? It has been a penny stock for the better part of the last one year.

Should I invest in Yes Bank?

The shares of Yes Bank have not gone up a great deal since the follow on public offer. The next 1-2 years would be important for the bank, though we feel that it is back on track. Investors who hold the stock for a period of 2-3 years, might see decent returns. At the moment it looks that the bank is out of the woods.

Is Vodafone going to be shut down?

It is unlikely that Vodafone Idea will shut down, as in the worst case scenario, they can move NCLT for a resolution.”

Why is Vodafone making losses?

The firm, which has to pay Rs 51,400 crore dues after the apex court ordered the non-telecom revenues to be included in calculating statutory dues, said the liability has “cast significant doubt on the company’s ability to continue as a going concern”. … Vodafone Idea’s losses stood at Rs 14,603.9 crore in FY19.