What Are Synonyms For Misfortune?

How do you call someone who is poor?

4 Answers.

Indigent is a formal word to name poor people.

Indigent(adj.) needy; poor; impoverished..

What does devil’s own luck mean?

To have extremely good luck. I can’t believe I won the lottery and a radio contest in the same week—I have the devil’s own luck right now!

What is the synonym of misfortune or bad luck?

Some common synonyms of misfortune are adversity, mischance, and mishap. While all these words mean “adverse fortune or an instance of this,” misfortune may apply to either the incident or conjunction of events that is the cause of an unhappy change of fortune or to the ensuing state of distress.

What is an example of a misfortune?

Bad luck; ill fortune; trouble; adversity. Misfortune is bad luck or a distressing occurrence. When a disaster strikes and causes you to suffer loss, this is an example of misfortune. When you get a divorce and are lonely and broke, these are examples of misfortunes.

What is the root word of misfortune?

misfortune (n.) mid-15c., “unfortunate event or circumstance,” from mis- (1) “bad, wrong” + fortune. From c. 1500 as “adversity or ill fortune for which the sufferer is not directly responsible.” In 19c., it was a euphemism for “illegitimate child.” Related: Misfortunate.

What’s a fancy word for poor?

SYNONYMS FOR poor 1 needy, indigent, necessitous, straitened, destitute, penniless, poverty-stricken. 5 meager. 6 unsatisfactory, shabby. 7 sterile, barren, unfruitful, unproductive.

Why does misfortune happen?

A misfortune is any mishap, adversity, harm, danger, or threat which happens to characters as a result of circumstances over which they have no control; it happens to them through no fault of their own. … M6: A character is dead or dies as a result of accident or illness or some unknown cause.

How can I get good luck?

20 Ways to Attract Good Luck. Research has found a correlation between good luck and the right attitudes and choices in life. … Fail more. … Examine the choices you make. … Prioritize speed over greed. … Expect good things to happen. … Do more good and more good will come your way. … Make a plan. … Be generous.More items…•

What is another word for good?

What is another word for good?excellentexceptionalnicepleasantpositivesatisfactorysatisfyingsuperbwonderfulacceptable208 more rows

What is a great and sudden misfortune?

Catastrophe. a great and sudden misfortune.

What is a person with bad luck called?

jinx. noun. informal someone or something that causes bad luck.

What is bad luck called?

What is another word for bad luck?adversityhardshiphard timemisfortunesetbacktragedyunluckinessbad breakblowdevil’s own luck232 more rows

How do you say poor politely?

4 Answers. Indigent is a formal word to name poor people. Indigent(adj.) needy; poor; impoverished.

What is the meaning of misfortune?

1a : an event or conjunction of events that causes an unfortunate or distressing result : bad luck by misfortune he fell into bad company had the misfortune to break his leg. b : an unhappy situation always ready to help people in misfortune.

What is the difference between unfortunate and misfortune?

As nouns the difference between misfortune and unfortunate is that misfortune is (uncountable) bad luck while unfortunate is an unlucky person.

How do you use misfortune?

Misfortune sentence examplesHe had the misfortune to lose his father at the age of two. … A misfortune for life? … But hearing of his misfortune they retreated before Napoleon’s advance along the right bank of the Danube to Krems, where they crossed the river and withdrew to an entrenched camp near Olmi tz to pick up fresh Austrian reinforcements.More items…