Quick Answer: What Is The Primary Use Of Fast Track Scheduling?

What is Fast Track delivery method?

Fast-track building construction is a project delivery strategy that starts construction before the design is complete.

The purpose is to shorten the time to completion which, if done properly, can save considerable costs..

What is Fast Track Procurement?

1. The aim of the Fast Track Procedure, outlined in the succeeding paragraphs is to ensure expeditious procurement for urgent operational requirements of the Armed Forces, foreseen as imminent during war as well as peace time and for situations in which crisis emerges without prior warning.

What is Fast Track project?

What is fast tracking in project management? Fast tracking is a technique in which tasks are performed at the same time rather than in sequence. Fast tracking allows you to compress a project timeline and shorten the overall schedule length.

What is the primary risk associated with fast tracking?

The risk involved with fast tracking is that problems can occur if parallel aspects of the project include dependencies. In our example your risk is that you need to rework the prototype if the design is change half way through the process.

What requires fast tracking?

Fast Tracking is an advanced project management technique. To be able to use it, it is necessary to identify all the possible activities on the critical path that have the potential to be performed together instead of sequentially.

What are two techniques used to compress a project schedule?

There are two techniques that are commonly used in schedule compression. These are: Crashing. Fast Tracking.