Quick Answer: Is It Clinch Or Clench?

What does glitch mean?

glitch \GLITCH\ noun.

1 a : a usually minor malfunction; also : an unexpected defect, fault, flaw, or imperfection.

b : a minor problem that causes a temporary setback : snag.

2 : a false or spurious..

Why do I clench my fist?

It is a common finding that when people try to strengthen their mental resolve or try to resist a temptation they may clench their fists, grit their teeth or scrunch their muscles.

What does it mean when baby clenches fist?

“Newborns clench their fists due to a neurologic reflex called palmar grasp. This reflex is activated when something is pushed into a newborn’s palm, like a caregiver’s finger,” Witkin explains. Baby fist clenching is also instinctual. … In addition, sometimes fist clenching can be a sign of hunger or stress.

How do you spell clenched?

noun. the act of clenching. a tight hold; grip.

What is the difference between clenching something and holding something?

To clench or to clinch is to hold tight. However, clench has limited senses of grabbing something or tightening a part of one’s body, such as a fist or a jaw. Clinch, though it is a variant of clench, is much more diverse in usage, with literal and figurative meanings.

What does clenching mean?

When you clench something, you grip, press, or squeeze it. You might clench your fists when you’re angry or clench your teeth when you’re worried, for example. People often clench parts of their own bodies, but they can also clench other things.

Is a cinch meaning?

The definition of a cinch is something that is very easy to do, or that is a sure thing. Very simple math problems are an example of something that would be described as a cinch. When someone is sure to win a prize, this is an example of a time when he is a cinch to win.

What does grapple mean?

1 : to seize or hold with an instrument (as a hook) 2 : to seize and struggle with another Wrestlers grappled in the ring. 3 : to deal with Leaders are grappling with the problem.

What does clenching your fist mean?

When you clench your fist or your fist clenches, you curl your fingers up tightly, usually because you are very angry. Alex clenched her fists and gritted her teeth. She pulled at his sleeve and he turned on her, fists clenching again before he saw who it was.

What clinch means?

1 : to hold an opponent (as in boxing) at close quarters with one or both arms. 2 : to hold fast or firmly. clinch.

What is a clinch argument?

​clinch something to succeed in achieving or winning something. to clinch an argument/a deal/a victory.

What does clenched mean in English?

transitive verb. 1 : clinch sense 2. 2 : to hold fast : clutch clenched the arms of the chair. 3 : to set or close tightly clench one’s teeth clench one’s fists.