Question: What Is The Meaning Of ER Before Name?

Who can write ER before name in India?

Physicians and surgeons are known as such and do not put ‘Dr’ before their names.

Engineers, at least in India, put ‘Er’ before their names..

What is the full form of ER?

EREritrea Regional » Countries — and more…Rate it:EREmergency Room Community — and more…Rate it:EREndoplasmic Reticulum Medical » Physiology — and more…Rate it:ERErie Governmental » SuppliersRate it:EREstrogen receptor Medical » Laboratory — and more…Rate it:20 more rows

What does er stand for police?

Tony Bartlett, Retired senior police officer. Thirty years all in uniform. Answered January 7, 2019 · Author has 8K answers and 7.7M answer views. ER stands for Elizabeth Regina.

Is Engr a title?

“Engr.” is now a title whereby members of the Institution who are NOT Professional Engineers can be addressed. This will give high recognition and honour to the engineers and promote the growth of engineering profession for the progress of the nation.

Can you call yourself an engineer without a PE?

If you do not have a PE license, you cannot officially call yourself an engineer — and your company cannot identify you as an engineer — in official documents, such as business cards, letterheads and resumes. Additionally, you will need to register as a PE if you decide to work for yourself as a consultant.

Can engineers write ER before their name?

All qualified Engineers of any discipline can have a suffix “Er.” to their names. It is the short and abbreviated form of the word “Engineer”.

What does ER mean in engineering?

Er. Stands for Engineer. Anyone engineering graduate having technical education degree or diploma can put Er. As prefix to their name. This means a person holding this abbreviation to his/her name is very well versed with engineering skills and can apply knowledge to wherever applicable.

Who can be called engineer?

An engineer is a person who operates an engine. “engineer” is not a protected title in the US. Classic disciplines like “Mechanical Engineer” will vary in protection from state to state, but not necessarily contingent upon degree, only various licensing thresholds (of which a degree may be one).

What do you mean by ER?

Emergency RoomBiology and medicine. Emergency Room, the emergency department in a medical facility specializing in acute, emergency care, usually found in a hospital or other primary care center. Endoplasmic reticulum, a type of organelle in cell biology.

What type of word is er?

adjective suffix or adverb suffix. Definition of -er (Entry 4 of 5) —used to form the comparative degree of adjectives and adverbs of one syllablehotterdrier and of some adjectives and adverbs of two or more syllablescompleterbeautifuller. -er. noun suffix.

What is another word for ER?

What is another word for emergency room?critical care facilityemergencyemergency departmentemergency wardERICUintensive care unitmedical crisis unittrauma centerUStrauma centreUK8 more rows

What is PE after a name?

In the United States, use of the title professional engineer is restricted to those holding a professional engineer’s license. These people have the right to add the letters PE after their names on resumes, business cards and other communication.