Question: What Can I Buy In Lords Mobile?

What is the max level in Lords mobile?

Lords Mobile: Fastest Way to Reach Level 60.

Players’ level is quite important in Lords Mobile, as leveling up will give you extra talent points, increase the maximum level for your Heroes and increases your Player Level Might.

Each equipment piece also has a minimum Player Level requirement..

How do I redeem a code on Lords mobile?

Lords Mobile Codes – How to Redeem? Go here Enter your Igg id or your player name and also the gift code. Click on redeem and then on Send code.More items…•

How much does it cost to get t4 Lords mobile?

Upgrading to T4 costs around 3 million gems. That’s around 600,000 for the P2W buildings, and 2.4 million for the research. This is after helps. No helps may require more so you need to be in a very active guild to help you achieve this goal.

Is it possible to hack Lords mobile?

Unfortunately no !!! You can’t hack Lords mobile game using other apps like lucky patcher or game guardian. You can use some Mod apk to get experience like lords mobile. … Lords Mobile is an online game.

How many farms should I have in Lords mobile?

15 farmsYou can achieve this goal by constructing 15 farms, 2 mines, 2 lumber mills, and 2 quarries. You should be already getting enough gold via quests, so there is still no need for a Manor. At end game: Once you reach level 25, demolish all farms.

Is Child of Light good lords mobile?

Child of Light (Sparky), a tiny doll-like pinky bunny, is a Lords Mobile hero known for his formidable strenght and use of light as weapon. Small but terrible, Sparky is a good Coloseum leader. Aside from that, Sparky the small bunny can increase your traps health by 75%. …

What happens if you run out of food in Lords mobile?

What happens when you run out of food? Nothing happens, your troops stay alive even with negative food income. It’s a bug that players have been exploiting since the start of the game, having very little food income as their troops will not die as they should.

Which hero is the best in Lords mobile?

At the end of the article, I also put my top list of heroes for the Colosseum.Rose Knight. #1 Top Lords Mobile Hero. … Trickster. The Trickster is one of the most important heroes in Lords Mobile. … Lore Weaver. … Storm Fox. … Prima Donna. … Bombin’ Goblin. … Top P2P Troop Hero. … Demon Slayer.More items…•

What can you gift in Lords mobile?

Lords Mobile. Greetings! So in order to get the gift option to be able to send gifts to guild members (you can gift them speed ups, shields, chests etc. Whatever you’re able to buy yourself in the gem shop) You need to purchase a $99 pack.

How much does Lore Weaver cost?

If you’re purchasing mall packs in US currency, Lore Weaver is a minimum of $165 and a maximum of $775. You’ll need to do your own math for other currencies.

How do I transfer my lords mobile account to another person?

Log into your Google account and open Lords Mobile on the device you want to transfer to. Under Settings, tap ‘Others’ >’Account’ >’Switch Account. ‘

How much does Lords mobile cost?

600k for the P2W buildings, and 2.4 Mil for the Research (after helps). Certainly through efficiently play, waiting a while, and better packs, this cost can be reduced.

Is Lord Mobile free?

Lords Mobile is a video game developed and published by IGG, and is available to download on Android, iOS, and Steam. The game is free to play and offers in-app purchases. According to App Annie, the game is one of the top grossing apps (strategy) on the App Store (iOS) and Google Play.

Is Lords mobile any good?

The graphics of Lords Mobile are quite good, perhaps better than most, but nothing like the trailer. The trailer makes you think that a geeky-fantasy-game has finally invested the big bucks. Don’t be fooled. The graphics are lackluster compared to the big shooting games out there.

Can you gift gems in Lords mobile?

Gifting Explained: You are presented with the gift option in Lords Mobile when you purchase $$$ higher expensive gem packs. This allows you then to gift (buy with gems) certain items to other players – these items appear in their inventory. The estimated cost to enable the gift option is by spending well over $100.

What Does gift level do in Lords mobile?

Each gift earns you keys. Collect the keys to unlock a special gift. Opening the special gift gives you XP toward a higher gift level. The higher your gift level, the better the loot is inside the special box.

What should I spend my gems on in Lords mobile?

In my opinion, there are three prudent uses for gems: bravehearts, 24 hour shields and treasure trove investing. Bravehearts are extremely valuable because they allow you to upgrade your heroes, which is in turn beneficial for nearly every facet of the game.